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This includes random number generation, encryption and decryption, key generation, operations on nonces and generating random nonces.

A Crypto Number is a large fixed size unsigned (positive) integer.

In the Tox protocol, packets are encrypted using the public key of the receiver and the secret key of the sender.

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Control characters are represented in an isomorphic human-readable way. every control character has exactly one human-readable representation, and a mapping exists from the human-readable representation to the control character.The Na Cl implementation libsodium supplies the functions to aid in implementing the human-readable encoding.The in-memory encoding of these crypto numbers in Na Cl already satisfies the binary encoding, so for applications directly using those APIs, binary encoding and decoding is the identity function.The implementation is free to choose any in-memory representation of the specified types, as long as they can be encoded to and decoded from the specified protocol representation.Binary formats are specified in tables with length, type, and content descriptions.Given two Key Pairs KP1 (SK1, PK1) and KP2 (SK2, PK2), the Combined Key computed from (SK1, PK2) equals the one computed from (SK2, PK1).

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