Zonealarm not updating


Often they make the problem occur less often though and make it bearable.Be careful not to be fooled by others or by your own brain that may see causality where there is none.

Mike Newhall contributed the following information on 2005-12-10. One problem is the disappearance of the Task Manager systray symbol when you start Task Manager the second time or subsequent times.

If you are not sure, read the entire article first, because a few more are described later.

The ones concerning Task Manager are described in the next chapter, because they can be too easily mistaken for the main problem described in the other chapters. I don't know what exactly it does and can only recommend to use it carefully and to use only the function that pertains to solve your immediate problem, then test the result.

Then there is the fact that some change solves the problem, just by changing the boot and logon process sequence or timing a little bit.

Thus I receive hundreds of emails, detailing ever more different solutions to the problem, each of which has been tried and worked on one computer.

According to the excellent analysis in the Problem analysis and proposed solution comment by tasmanian this is caused by a timing defect in the Windows function Shell_Notify Icon in shell32.dll, which has a timeout fixed at 4 seconds.

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