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Spice and Wood opens with aromas of Italian bergamot, Egyptian lemon and aromatic apples.Middle notes reveal Angelica root, rose, clove, desert peppers, patchouli and white birch.

It just is not very very special, as Frederic Malle French Lover is!I guess there is one good thing that came from Creed constantly raising their prices. Rating: 5.5 Very nice woody fragrance, with incredibly good performance (12 hours and still going strong! They soon smell rancid and aldehyde like with a someone sweating down onions with in months. But having said that buy them in small bottles and not the bigger ones.) Personally, I can't smell any of the fruits listed in the notes, regardless, the Birch/Cedar/Pepper combination is nice. Don't get me wrong, this is a good, pleasant fragrance. On my skin, it lasts about 3 hours before it starts to quickly fade. Even when kept in a dark cold place they deteriorate quickly.I find the performance to be fine: 6 to 8 hours with good projection. If it was around the 0 price that would be more in my ballpark of what I'd be willing to pay. Reminds me of Quorum Silver which is also cedar dominated with perhaps a lighter/crisper version of One Man Show Gold (due to the apple, clove, spices). Disclaimer: I suck at determining notes so don't hold me to it. A couple people mentioned Aventus so I know I am not too, too crazy. Among woody fragrances by Creed, Spice and Wood, while having an absurd price, comes across as less substantial than Bois du Portugal or Royal Oud, and is surprisingly fleeting, becoming a skin scent within an hour and lasting all of four hours.This one doesn't scream, but it has a nice presence and its projection is appropriately calibrated for this style of scent. However, lacking the musky (dried urine) kind of note in OMSG, which is a good thing. The only thing I need to stop doing is judging a frag without giving it a chance. It really changed & man I don't know what happened but I LOVE THIS FRAG. It kind of reminds me of Creeds Viking but without a few notes like the driftwood & sea salt... A few minutes after the Aventus stage, I keep smelling Terre d'Hermes...not quite as dry and dull. Its just enough balance to make it appropriate for almost all ages. Malle's French Lover is a more interesting woody scent of similar profile, albeit more green.Spice and Wood is very good, and is close too French Lover, but clearly lacks the depth and richness of French Lover, which is my #1 signature fragrance, and is worth every penny; still very expensive, but less than Spice and Wood.

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