Who has aaron sorkin dating halle berry dating michael ealy


And where the hell do you get off strutting your...

LEO I'm saying, you take everyone on the Christian Right, dump them into one big pile, and label them 'stupid'.

TOBY We're flying in a Lockheed eagle series L-1011.

What the Cubans are on would charitably be described as rafts. They're making the hop from Havana to Miami in fruit baskets, basically.

You hear fishing boats, you conjure an image of -- well, of a boat, first of all. JOSH Donna's desk, if it could float, would look good to them right now.

[reaches for his cell phone] FLIGHT ATTENDANT 2 You can't use your phone until we land, sir.

SAM [walking out of the bathroom, having taken a shower] You could run hydraulics in here.

Billy turns 180 degrees to see a woman sitting on a couch with a drink.

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