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Some companies that are or have been involved with Wine development are Code Weavers, Bordeaux, Trans Gaming, Corel, Macadamian and Google. Wine increases the usefulness of Linux, makes it easier for users to switch to free operating systems, and for Windows developers to make applications that work on them.This greatly raises Linux marketshare, drawing more commercial and community developers to Linux.However, there are several situations when you might need to use the command line.The most common reason is to get debug output when your program does not run properly.Trans Gaming based their product on Wine back in 2002 when Wine had a different license, closed their source code, and rebranded their version as specialized for gamers.In the years since Cedega was originally created from Wine, development on Wine and Cedega have continued mostly independently.

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Wine is the base of the project, where most of the work is being done.

Wine is not perfect, but tens of thousands of people nevertheless use "vanilla" Wine successfully to run a large number of Windows programs.

Cross Over XI (formerly Cross Over Office) is a product made by a company called Code Weavers that is based directly on Wine with a few tweaks and proprietary add-ons.

If there aren't any reports using a recent version of Wine, however, your best bet is to simply try and see.

If it doesn't work, it probably isn't your fault, Wine is not yet complete. You can contribute programming or documentation skills, or monetary or equipment donations, to aid the Wine developers in reaching their goals.

Quick links: running a program in Wine, running Wine from a terminal, running program as root, uninstalling an application, getting a debugging log, using a wineprefix, creating a 32 bit wineprefix.

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