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Looking back on the year, some of my favorites include: The internet is a very dangerous place. And you find yourself trolling the internet for the skirt, or the perfect bolero, or hat making classes (I have….searched for all of these things, true story) at 2am on a Saturday when all normal people are either sleeping or partying, and because you are on your 5th glass of wine (or more, no judgment) you are like, of course I need a 1970’s parka, it’s all my wardrobe desires! So, Sunni of the Cupcake Goddess did this amazing sew along with pencil skirts. And I bit the bullet and got this pattern so I will, someday, make some trousers. I need at least 3 dates and several phone calls before I will let you try anything, buddy.

Because you might, say, be glancing at a project on Burda Style or checking out a blog or an ad and all of a sudden you think, pleated skirt from the 30’s, it must be mine! I used a fabric I don’t mind burning because it could all go horribly awry, sigh. I’m the reason goats really shouldn’t cross streams. And I could force my mother to take more photos of me in garments I have already crafted, but given just how cute I look right now (picture an all fleece wardrobe, fake ugg slippers I bought in China, my hair doing all kinds of things to defy the laws of gravity, and a tea cup nestled into my hand. I had a bunch of purple tweed left over from my Purple Tweed Sweetheart Skirt, as well as purple lining from the same project. It’s actually the Franzi Vest, which is a FREE PATTERN! I’m going to use bound buttonholes, which is fairly scary. I’ve made the Muslin for it already, (first muslin! I might bring down the neckline a bit, though, right now it’s very Big Love.

Things like this: And this charming pj set I got from Franolina, another great Etsy seller: And then there is this vintage pattern I couldn’t help but pick up at Decades, a vintage store on Fabric Row: And why did I buy this pattern? I can’t believe it, but I finally finished this dress. (Coincidently, on my walk home I entered an Avon sweepstakes and actually WON! I also put lace on the lining hem, as per Tasia’s suggestion.

So I need to make some of these things people, stat. Granted, I was not sewing the entire time, I’m not THAT slow. Fabrics two weeks ago, and I also picked up a zipper, the lining and the lace for the lining hem at my beloved PA Fabric outlet. ) Cutting all the pieces took me forever (and I still have a solid helping of the wool left, but I’ve expressed my feelings on that subject in my vest post…), and then, of course, putting it all together had it’s fair share of struggles. I also handpicked the zipper, with an extremely informative tutorial by Sewaholic.

But, hey, if you don’t want to get an ebay account that’s cool. Salme Patterns, independent designers extraordinaire! The Sonja Dress is a free pattern download on Burda Style and it’s just adorable. I’m about to undergo a pencil-skirt project that hopefully should play into this nicely, as well as becoming a devotee of Sarai’s fitting chapter in my brand new Colette Patterns Sewing Handbook (thanks, Mamala!

She’s the crazy person in the corner with ALL THE AWESOMENESS. Kelli blogs at True Bias, and I would like to be her friend. Concentrate more on the fitting process, and less on the instant gratification.

In other news, I really never should have gotten an ebay account.

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In this photo, 13 yards of seam binding is currently festooning it in an homage to Jackson Pollock… So I’m going to combine these two elements sometime soon, and save myself the 50 dollars I could pay J. I would need to resize it but MY GOD it’s the best. Honestly, it was worth the lot of them just for this one gorgeous creature. You see, I have found myself hoarding, both fabric (which, in my defense, I didn’t really expect to get massive yardage from one trip to my grandfather’s house, but never look gift fabric in the mouth, right? However, when I tell my mother that I don’t have NEARLY as many patterns as all the other kids she looks at me with SUCH disapproval, I want to cry. Gertie of Gertie’s blog for better sewing (which I adore) made it in a shantung which is divine , but I went for wool. I had to hand sew the lining sleeves to the bodice, and then the bodice lining to the skirt lining. But that’s not all, gentle readers, that’s not all! It’s interesting because when you look around everyone has a different defination of “a lot of fabric” and “a lot of patterns”. I drooled over it for a while and then broke down and bought it. And when she passed away she left something in the neighborhood of 50 pairs of shoes, some of which she never even wore. I got a lot of her shoes, so you will be seeing the Isolda Kogan Solo collection of footwear quite often. The bag is from Astro Vintage, a favorite store of mine here in Philadelphia. Well worth the 8 dollars plus shipping, don’t you think? And these are the other girls, I mean views, I mean mad men characters, I mean, what? It’s modest but it also shows of collarbone, and I feel like as long as you’ve got that you are more “hello sailor” then “living in a Mormon compound”. The scarf was also my grandmother’s, one of countless scraps of silk and polyester.

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