Updating old kitchen cabinets

So to improve on what you have, try one of these tips.

If you're a renter and can't make any permanent changes, top a portion of your countertop with a big, handsome cutting board. If you're not a renter and are feeling ambitious, you can try painting your countertops.

As someone without a dishwasher, it makes a big difference to have a reliable dish rack — not to mention it looks nice sitting on the counter. As mentioned, it's often hidden under a mound of pots, pans, and dishes!

As Faith wrote here, there's something really effective about this small change.So I’m super happy to say it’s officially done (well, you know, , or perhaps spend a few weeks preparing the ultimate styling and then a few more weeks taking and selecting just the right photos (or hiring a photographer to do all that for us!), I knew I couldn’t make you guys wait another minute.I went through two replacements of a cheap wooden dish rack from IKEA, which warped and cracked both times, before I settled on a heavy-duty dish rack from Simple Human.I've had it for a few years now, and it's held up under even the highest mound of drying dishes, which made it worth the price.While we almost didn’t even look at this one, we were glad we did because it had some strong selling points.

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