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Attracting women, according to the pickup artist, is a game, and one you can win if you know the rules.

For the type of shy, nerdy heterosexual men pickup artists (or PUAs) are reaching out to, this is an appealing pitch — like a Konami cheat code for becoming the playboy you always looked up to.

Second scenario, an average looking guy in a social circle will attract any available women by simple being part of the group.

An elixir that would make your dream girl fall in love with you in an instant?

I went in search of that when I visited love coach Daniel Vercetti after hearing about ‘Love Systems’ that promised to make you more successful with the ladies.

While negging is a deplorable dating practice, it is true that a woman will be more interested in a unique opening line than by nervous attempt at small talk.

Is there a magic formula you can use to pick up women?

If you are smart and you believe in logic you will agree with me.

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