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Enrollment quickly rebounded, and by 1970, there were 3300 students, approximately 60% more than in 1958.

In 1971, Bob Jones III became president at age 32, though his father, with the title of Chancellor, continued to exercise considerable administrative authority into the late 1990s.

More than a hundred concerts, recitals, and laboratory theater productions are also presented annually.

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It has approximately 2,500 students, and it is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) and the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges and Schools.

() However, recent finds from other excavations – including the Ophel (south of the Temple Mount,) the City of David and the Temple Mount Sifting Project – indicate that the descriptions found within the biblical text relating to Jerusalem may indeed be authentic.“The discovery of the seal testifies to the administrative activity which took place upon the Temple Mount during those times,” explained Barkay.“All the parallel seals with similar stylistic designs have been found at sites in Israel – among them Tel Beit Shemesh, Tel Gezer and Tel Rehov – and were dated to the 11th-10th centuries BCE.”Barkay said the images of two animals, one on top of the other, are inscribed in the base of the seal, possibly representing a predator and its prey.

He also noted that the seal is perforated, thus enabling it to be hung from a string.

Jones said that although he had been averse to naming the school after himself, his friends overcame his reluctance "with the argument that the school would be called by that name because of my connection with it, and to attempt to give it any other name would confuse the people." Bob Jones took no salary from the college and helped support the school with personal savings and income from his evangelistic campaigns. The Florida land boom had peaked in 1925, and a hurricane in September 1926 further reduced land values. Bob Jones College barely survived bankruptcy and its move to Cleveland, Tennessee in 1933.

In the same year, the college also ended participation in intercollegiate sports.

The university requires use of the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible in its services and classrooms, but it does not hold that the KJV is the only acceptable English translation or that it has the same authority as the original Hebrew and Greek manuscripts.

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