Social cohesion updating the state of the research is tony stewart dating danica patrick

A second training session for Internal Facilitators is being scheduled.

Road shows to departments and its Senior Managers have been undertaken, and are ongoing.

Subsequently follow up meetings were held with Regenesys to review progress.

Progress meetings were held with Regenesys on 29 July 2009 and 18 September 2009.

In order to ensure communication regarding the ACBfp is ongoing the following forums have been established to communicate the PMU progress: Monthly Project Steering Committee meetings are held to provide guidance to the project and to monitor the implementation process.

These are attended by representatives from each department, SALGA, and the SDF Co-ordinator for Co-operative Governance & Traditional Affairs.

Various project related activities have been published internally by departments, namely, Department of Safety, Security and Liaison as well as the Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism.

Throughout this process officials will be kept informed of their involvement and when they can expect feedback. An external customer survey has been designed where implementation will make use of CDW’s and Batho Pele Co-ordinators.

This is on hold until the socio-political climate in the Province becomes more appropriate.

The training material for the Middle Management Development Programme and the Junior Management Development Programme has been reviewed.

The PMU met with Regenesys on 20 July 2009 to discuss proposed changes to the MMDP.

The flagship is currently having discussions with the Communication unit in the Department of Education in order to broaden its communication footprint.

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