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So they put in place ways of identifying whether the undetectable partner had transmitted it to them.

Among gay men especially, the reality is that condomless sex outside of their primary relationship or marriage does happen with regularity.

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“Positive men don’t want to transmit the virus to someone who is negative just as much as a negative person doesn’t want to become positive,” Curry emphasizes.While some of this could be used as cover by skeptics, it also means positive people are left to understand and explain all of this science to a world that continues to stigmatize (and in some cases, criminalize) anyone with HIV.Of the 1,100-plus couples taking part in the Partner study out of Europe, 40 percent are gay.The longer the study progresses and the more people who participate (Partner 2 starts this year and includes only gay couples), the higher confidence researchers can claim in their probabilities.Results so far are only preliminary and won’t be finalized until 2017.The Partner study itself comes with a series of warnings about what exactly the study has really found about undetectable viral loads.

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