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Scientific surveys estimating the frequency of zoosexual activity, as well as anecdotal evidence and informal surveys, suggest that more than 1-2% -- and perhaps as many as 8-10% -- of sexually active adults have had significant sexual experience with an animal at some point in their lives.Studies suggest that a larger number (perhaps 10-30% depending on area) have fantasized or had some form of brief encounter.In pornography, human–animal sex is occasionally described as farmsex, dogsex, or animal sex; these terms are often used regardless of the context or species involved.Bestiality signifies a sexual act between humans and animals.

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Individuals with a strong affinity for animals but without a sexual interest can be described as "non-sexual" (or "emotional") zoophiles, but may object to the zoophile label. The ambiguous term sodomy, usually referring to non-procreative sex, is sometimes used in legal contexts to include zoosexual as well as homosexual acts.

Zooerasty is an older term, not in common use, for objectified sex with animals in a masturbatory manner.

To avoid confusion about the meaning of zoophilia — which may refer to the affinity/attraction, paraphilia, or sexual activity — this article uses zoophilia for the former, and zoosexual activity for the sexual act.

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