Sex chat history in english biblical dating advice


05/01/2013 am: Kapil: Pick me05/01/2013 am: Kapil: Lets go for a drive 05/01/2013 am: Madhu: Pandara05/01/2013 am: Kapil: 05/01/2013 am: Madhu: Pick u from where?05/01/2013 am: Kapil: Nowhere05/01/2013 am: Kapil: Jus said05/01/2013 am: Madhu: 05/01/2013 am: Kapil: Tho i wud love to 05/01/2013 am: Kapil: 05/01/2013 am: Madhu: Love to what?You'd said ure happiest with mummy's home made food04/01/2013 pm: Kapil: Yeah04/01/2013 pm: Kapil: Even when i go out drinking04/01/2013 pm: Madhu: 04/01/2013 pm: Kapil: I prefer to eat at home04/01/2013 pm: Kapil: If m coming back 04/01/2013 pm: Madhu: 05/01/2013 am: Kapil: Back home ?

Mmmm.05/01/2013 am: Kapil: As much as u want05/01/2013 am: Kapil: Till u shout05/01/2013 am: Kapil: Of pleasure n pain05/01/2013 am: Madhu: No pain 05/01/2013 am: Kapil: Kiss me hard05/01/2013 am: Madhu: Pleasure's good 05/01/2013 am: Kapil: Hold me tight05/01/2013 am: Kapil: Against ur boobs05/01/2013 am: Madhu: Mmmm holding you close05/01/2013 am: Kapil: Tight05/01/2013 am: Madhu: And tight05/01/2013 am: Kapil: M hard05/01/2013 am: Kapil: U wet ?

05/01/2013 am: Madhu: That's a kiss 😛05/01/2013 am: Kapil: Ahh05/01/2013 am: Kapil: Reallyy ?

05/01/2013 am: Madhu: Yessss05/01/2013 am: Kapil: Acha ji 05/01/2013 am: Madhu: 05/01/2013 am: Kapil: 05/01/2013 am: Kapil: 05/01/2013 am: Kapil: Reached work ?

05/01/2013 am: Madhu: En route05/01/2013 am: Kapil: Okk05/01/2013 pm: Kapil: Helloo05/01/2013 pm: Madhu: Hey05/01/2013 pm: Kapil: Wassup ?

05/01/2013 pm: Madhu: Lunch05/01/2013 pm: Kapil: Get from home ?

04/01/2013 pm: Madhu: To eat out - european..04/01/2013 pm: Madhu: Italian, mediterranean04/01/2013 pm: Kapil: Ok04/01/2013 pm: Madhu: U?

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