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Social media can enhance access to valuable support networks, which may be particularly helpful for patients with ongoing illnesses, conditions, or disabilities.In 1 study, young adults described the benefits of seeking health information online and through social media, and recognized these channels as useful supplementary sources of information to health care visits.A first area of health concern is media use and obesity, and most studies have focused on TV.One study found that the odds of being overweight were almost 5 times greater for adolescents who watch more than 5 hours of TV per day compared with those who watch 0 to 2 hours.We connect elders, individuals with disabilities, and veterans with employment opportunities, housing, and supportive services.

Interactive media also can provide opportunities for the promotion of community participation and civic engagement.

lists both as conditions in need of further research.

Symptoms can include a preoccupation with the activity, decreased interest in offline or “real life” relationships, unsuccessful attempts to decrease use, and withdrawal symptoms.

The prevalence of problematic Internet use among children and adolescents is between 4% and 8%, is associated with earlier initiation of these behaviors.

Adolescents’ displays on social media frequently include portrayal of health risk behaviors, such as substance use, sexual behaviors, self-injury, or disordered eating.

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