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/ Videogames as Medicine / Our Future with Social Robots / Is Big Data Killing Hollywood?/ It’s not a Bug, it’s a Feature: The Teflon Pan / Are Your Personal Data a Currency?How Africa manages the coming population boom will have consequences that reach far beyond the continent’s borders.The Porcupine Dilemma / The Privacy Paradox Explained / The Post-Reality Society / Trappist Planets / A Third World War / Daniel Dennett’s Machine Mind / Future Banking / Hyperreality and the Virtual Borderlands / 3D Printing: Evaluating the Hype / Creepypasta / Photo Series: Blind Photography by Gerardo Nigenda / Futures Past: The King’s Oak / Blogs, Books, Podcasts / Tech / Trends, Ideas, Visions and more…The future is an enormous and overwhelming subject matter that requires a systematic and methodical approach to research and writing.

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Yet, there are also signs that point to a more positive future, for instance when it comes to economic growth.Wrestlers are emotion inducers in a theatre of violence; a form of body populists.When they succeed, they make you suspend your disbelief and make your emotions stronger than your rationality./ VR and Lucid Dreaming / Photo Series: What Sort of Life is This by Albert Elm / 4chan / Futures Past: The Radiofax / News About Technology and Science / Blogs, Books, Podcasts / Tech / Trends / Ideas, Visions and more…Towards the year 2100, 75 percent of the world’s population growth will occur in Africa.The magazine's ambition and success criterion is to inspire to action and development on this basis.

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