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I am an electronics and instrument field tech who has been out of professional work since 2008.

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Also, for the record, you want anything you list as an achievement on your resume to be about an outcome …She has already confessed feeling extremely overwhelmed and having major anxiety over this job. Tell her about your own experience when you first started, and if you have advice for her based on your own experience, offer it.Also, if you have a good rapport with your boss, you might try pointing out that you’re worried that the expectations for your new coworker aren’t in line with what most people could juggle well when they’re new to the work, and suggest places where those expectations might be modified.While this endeavor was very much an arduous full-time job (including a formal course of instruction), I think that a prospective employer may look at it as a frivolous indulgence.· Implement various indicators criterion such as such as Mc Clellan Oscillator, 2-day RSI, Chaikin Money Flow, moving average crossovers, key support and resistance levels, statistical Fibonacci Retrace analysis and Don Worden’s indicators- Time Segmented Volume (TSV) and Moneystream (MS) It’s way too much detail that most employers won’t care about (unless you’re applying to work in finance, but it doesn’t sound like you are).I don’t know how to handle my upcoming separation and divorce from my spouse at my new job.

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