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The castmates have nothing but praise to share about one another whenever the topic comes up in interviews.When Davis introduced King at the 2017 Essence Black Women in Hollywood Awards, she actually teared up as she said she couldn’t wait to see what her younger co-star becomes.While Pompeo has obviously stayed on the show as the title character (though poor Meredith Grey has been through the ringer), Heigl left in 2010 in pursuit of a career on the big screen instead. Even if Enoch did accidentally interrupt Mc Gorry’s live-tweeting one too many times.For awhile, she was successful -- it was hard to find a chick flick without her in it -- but rumor has it that she was so difficult to work with that she was quickly blacklisted. When Pompeo finally decided to speak about it in 2013, she criticized the way that Heigl decided to leave and threw some subtle shade at her current lack of a movie career. , Mc Gorry’s frat boy-esque Asher often clashed with Alfred Enoch’s Wes. Enoch doesn’t have social media, but fans can still tell that there’s a pretty strong bromance between the two actors.Besides catching the pair on your television screens Thursday nights, you can also see the super cute selfies that King posts of the two of them on her Instagram page.King seems to get along well with all of her castmates, but this relationship is particularly special.It’s always fantastic seeing two women supporting each other, especially when so many people want to make them be competitive or catty.Viola Davis and Aja Naomi King are a great example of supporting and uplifting your fellow women.

Being the star of a show is obviously a huge boost for an acting career, and many of the other actors thought that their performances and storylines were strong enough to be able to lead a show.It seems like they really should have taken that up with Shonda Rhimes herself, but jealousy got in the way of reason for a bit.Luckily, the hurt feelings didn’t last, and Walsh was able to mend her relationships with her fellow cast members.Back in 2009, she actually guest starred on multiple episodes of Even great friends can sometimes get sick of one another, especially if they see each other all the time. They switch back and forth between ribbing each other, praising their performances, and actually talking about the show.It would be understandable if after spending all day on set with a friend, you want to spend some time alone. Offline, you can often find them joking about their fan-favorite bromance.When they’re not on set filming another episode of the hit show, they’re busy being best friend goals and being supportive of each other through whatever curveballs are thrown at them.

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