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The answer is you need an account to share devices over network instead of LAN.

All devices are shared in your account and won't be openly available to everyone over local network or Internet. Once you log in to your system with a webcam connected to it and open Flexi Hub, you’ll see your webcam there (or rather its name displayed).

We are happy to help with sticker layout and design at no charge. We’ve got some fun, good vibes webcam cover stickers here.

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Low-cost webcam sticker covers and blockers make excellent promotional logo products.

Picture your name branded in front of people when ever they're on the phone or their laptop.

Step 1 - setup To install VLC on Debian, Ubuntu or Linux Mint: If your webcam is successfully detected by VLC, you should be able to see your video stream.

Step 3 - Configure Webcam Streaming on VLC You have successfully detected your webcam in VLC, next is configuring webcam streaming.

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