Ms word cross references not updating

Some screenshots may come from a previous version of Word, but remain relevant.

When you refer to a particular figure in your document, rather than typing in “Figure 2”, you can use a cross-reference, so if the figure number changes, the in-text reference will also change.

You can update linked fields by selecting them and then pressing F9.

You can also select all (by using CTRL A) and press F9 to update all your fields.

For the purposes of this example assume that track changes is on.

Now, let's say we insert a cross-reference to para 3.1.

If we change the original paragraph 3.1, so that it is now 3.2, when the cross reference updates it shows that it has deleted 3.1 and inserted 3.2. But here is where the problem begins: If we accept the insertion of 3.2 and save the document (or each time the document autosaves) it then readds a track change and shows that it has deleted 3.2 and reinserted 3.2. Hi Welshie, You could lock selected fields via Ctrl F11 (Ctrl Shift F11 unlocks selected fields).

Also, you can change the text in the actual cross reference.

Once you update it though, the cross reference will be changed to match the text in the title.

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