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She stokes me tentatively, I suppose thinking that I might run away.Her other hand reaches between my legs and hefts my heavy balls in the palm of her hand. "You need to sit down," she says guiding me back to the sofa.She practically exploded when I told her a blow job would be okay with me. "Can I get you a beer," she asks from behind the bar in the family room. Mom hands me the beer and sits on the end of the couch from me, bringing one of her legs up underneath her. She's on the rag and has a horny stud on her hands and won't at least suck him off? "I'm sorry, it just pisses me off to think that these young girls are so manipulative and not at all concerned about taking care of their man. I met your Dad and I guess he wasn't much different than he is now. You heard guys when they are doing something talk about how it is giving them a hard on?I got back to the house about eleven o'clock not sure if we would still be dating after the fight we had. If I were your girl friend you wouldn't have had to ask for a blow job, I would have offered it to you. I met him at a frat party in college and after convincing him he needed to be alone with me, I sort of took advantage of him." "How do you sorta take advantage of someone? " "Yeah, I think we've all said it a time or two," I confirm. She has always stayed in great shape and here she sat no more than four feet away showing off her very nice tits wrapped in a halter top and a hot ass wrapped in shorts.

Coupled with the fact that I was still fairly horny from not getting any from my girl friend it shouldn't have surprised me that I started getting hard. We ended up getting married and I'm fairly certain you were conceived on our wedding night, cause that was all I got until a month later. He still chatters non-stop and I just tune him out and go off into a fantasy world while he pumps me. "Just the things that you have already started taking for granted. Your Dad doesn't believe in oral sex, giving or getting. Don't marry some girl cause she is gorgeous and let's you stick your dick in her once in a while. She gets up and fixes herself another drink and brings me another beer before answering. I thought I could learn to live without sex in my life or as I said that I could change your Dad. You should never waste an ounce of strength or a drop of cum on masturbation. And the one below my belt was at the end of an almost painful erection. Her fingers work to find the zipper tab and she pulls it down holding the top of my pants in her other hand.

"Do you mind if I get more comfortable too," Mom asks.

I simply nod no as my cock twitches at the thought of seeing my hot Mother naked in front of me.

She begins to kiss and lick the head of my cock, holding it in her hand to control it's jerking around from her touch.

Her tongue works it's way along the length of my shaft, moving her hand as she goes so as not to miss a single spot.

My girl friend and I went to dinner and a movie, then to a club for drinks. We ended up in a big fight and I'm not sure we'll be seeing each other anymore." "That's a shame. "Go on." "Well half joking half serious I told her she could just give me a blow job. We had to leave the club and she basically yelled and screamed at me the whole way to her house. I bust out laughing and Mom smiles and looks at me kind of funny. " "I was just thinking of all the things I would've liked to have said and the names I would have liked to have called her during our fight.

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