Married dating louisiana

If I were to get involved or marry any of these men, I would, like some women in my family, end up playing a distant third, fourth or fifth chair to the first wife and children who came before me. Gotta love the divorced guys who admit that there were problems in the marriage before the first child was born, but went for it anyway.

The only college educated guys I run into are lawyers (and they think they are God's gift to mankind). I think the dating scene is horrible after you are over the age of 18. It's like if you don't catch them IMMEDIATELY after high school they are pregnant or already have a child. Sorry, but I didn't work hard to get educated and make a better life for myself so I could take care of SOMEONE ELSES KID.

Read: Men kvetching about spousal and child support who are forever hampered by their own ongoing obligations.

No, most of these men are not primary conservators, but the song is very similar.

This might open a can of worms, but how do people react to interracial dating within NOLA city-limits? with enough tall dudes to make for happy hunting for gals for whom height is an issue. I am 45, single, never been married, no kids, and I have a decent career in a field that rewards very few with large salaries, no need for crypticity, it's television.

I am from the SF bay area and I moved to New Orleans in early 2008. But while I hear a lot of women complain, "where are all the good men", many of us are asking why do all the divorced women have kids?

The few women here who don't have children are just.... Let's face it, even if we don't want them to be, these are the women girls are looking up to and trying to emulate.

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