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They can also shun hospital gowns and wear their own leisure clothes during much of their stay. At home, a multitude of adjustments await, all to minimize germs: Dirt and dust are enemies. No taking mass transit, no eating out, no venturing into crowds.Psychologically, a far more vulnerable time for most BMT patients is the 100 or so days after they leave the hospital, according to Dr. Visitors must be limited and screened to make sure they’re not sick. There are a lot of rules and recommendations they are given while their immune system is suppressed…all trying to protect them.”Unless they’re able to work from home, many patients must also leave their jobs for at least three months, which can add to the mounting financial strain of treatment.No unauthorized reproduction of images or sounds may be made without written consent of the content owner, including but not limited to any commercial use, sale, or distribution thereof.

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Founded in 1836, Adelaide is the 5th-largest city in Australia.“The thing I remember most about the weeks after the transplant was that everyone who came in to see me was wearing a mask. Day after day, week after week, all I saw of the people I loved was the little rectangle of their faces — eyes and forehead — that the mask did not cover.Everyone who touched me was wearing gloves, and I grew to miss that, too, the feel of holding (my partner’s) hand, the touch of my sisters’ and friends’ lips on my cheek.” — received a stem cell transplant at Memorial Sloan Kettering in the fall of 2012 to treat the life-threatening bone marrow disorder myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS).Naming Contest winners: ozgood13 and jvet ALICE - Hatched 3/11 at pm click for Youtube video Talk about coincidence - incubation time 31 days, 0 hours, 0 minutes !! The smallest one in the family is sure to be a bounder of adventure in this 'leap' year clutch.Naming Contest winners: pcanada, cheery4, ljmarine, plymouth49, owliphant, hippiechick1970 ROO - Hatched 3/14 at am click for Youtube video Roo... Naming Contest winners: largomet, rumbarue, coyotemommy, nana2four, heatherjane, niceplanet Egg #1 Feb 5 (am) click for Youtube video Egg #2 Feb 7 (am) click for Youtube video Egg #3 Feb 9 (pm) click for Youtube video Egg #4 Feb 11 (pm) click for Youtube video ================================================== MATILDA - Hatched 2/16 at pm Named after the "unofficial" Aussie national anthem "Waltzing Matilda" Play the up-beat version - click link:##### Waltzing Matilda - by Aussie group The Seekers DUNDEE - Hatched 2/18 at am Named after the Aussie character Crocodile Dundee of movie fame.Instead, the separation stems from being deprived of normal sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and touches along with regular patterns of socializing, working, shopping, and moving about.“People generally feel well taken care of here, so I wouldn’t say the isolation is only because of the environment and the masks and gloves,” Ms. “I think the room isolation contributes to feeling disconnected at times.

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