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Merle Haggard was already starting to make small amounts of money here and there by playing music, but it wasn’t enough to keep him out of trouble.He left home, when he was fifteen years old, with a friend, and the two were picked up as suspects in a robbery.Merle Haggard This quote was submitted on Thursday 25 April 2013.I think that he sounds a lot like Lefty Frizzell (Saturday 31 March 1928 - Saturday 19 July 1975), which is quite a compliment from me, considering Lefty Frizzell is one of my favourite singers of all time.'Thank you, Merle Haggard, for your support of Gene Watson. Merle Haggard was born Merle Ronald Haggard was born on Tuesday 6 April 1937, outside Bakersfield, California.His parents, Jim and Flossie, moved the family there in 1934 after their farm in Oklahoma burned down, with Jim finding work as a carpenter for the Santa Fe Railroad.

All of Gene Watson's Peers, who were contacted during 2013, were most gracious with their time and words.Still some of the musical gift had been passed on to Merle and he easily took to playing guitar.Starting out as a fan of Bob Wills (Monday 6 March 1905 - Tuesday ), Merle Haggard eventually found his musical idol in Lefty Frizzell (Saturday 31 March 1928 - Saturday 19 July 1975), and worked up a pretty impressive copy of the original’s singing style. In 1951, when he was fourteen years old, Merle Haggard got the chance to see Lefty Frizzell (Saturday 31 March 1928 - Saturday 19 July 1975).He hopped a freight train when he was just ten years old, making it to Fresno before being picked up by the authorities.It was the first step toward a youth of truancy from school and petty crime.For the next few years, Merle Haggard would find himself in reform schools, sometimes making an escape, only to get thrown back in again.

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