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That dramatic twist led to a terrifically emotional scene as Ollie felt the crushing weight of his mistakes bearing down on him.To his credit, he didn’t try to hide the truth from Felicity, which is another sign of how much he’s matured in the past four years.

It’s funny to compare this episode to the mid season finale of Flash (Season 3).But again, you can see Ollie proving Prometheus point for him.If he wasn’t so reckless and so quick to pull the trigger, Ollie wouldn’t have fallen for that ruse.It was chilling watching him mow down those guards with impunity.Enough so that you can’t help but empathize with Prometheus a bit. The way in which this episode regularly bounced between past and present helped build the tension leading into Ollie’s final showdown with Prometheus.But even if that is the case, Prometheus’ actual identity remains a mystery.

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