Jakarta dating club

Jakarta is a huge, 20-million inhabitant city, yet it is not too hard to learn the lay of the land.Most of the venues worth visiting are located on a South/North axis from Kemang (South) to Kota (North).I have traveled to pretty much all the capital cities in Asia and there is not one place I like more than Jakarta, as far as the party scene is concerned.One of the best things about it is that there are still very few foreigners around.It is easy to talk to people and you will rarely feel any tension.Indonesians are amazingly welcoming and friendly people so you should not be afraid to visit even to the most local of venues in the North.

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I tend to prefer Cloud who has more of an “expat” vibe, better music and a better view.

In those, striptease, drugs, and prostitutes are very standard.

There is usually a great party atmosphere in Jakarta.

They have an Uber-like app that is very convenient and extremely easy to use.

If you come for a weekend don’t worry too much about the traffic, except on Sunday night going back to the airport.

On weekends, the bar at Cloud is very busy and it is an excellent pickup joint. Although not as spectacular as SKYE or Cloud, it is very busy on weekends with a crowd comprised mostly of young and trendy Indonesians.

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