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Secondly, Pratt had a “kill switch” in his car for just this scenario – a car out of control with a stuck throttle.But Richard, son of former driver Dick Pratt, did not have time to hit the switch and cut the car’s power before the impact.59x car driven by John Inman, the 2017 Florida pavement sprint car champion.The impact with the outside wall in turn one was so violent that the car’s chassis was left with a V-shaped bend at the driver’s left elbow, and the seat was shifted to the left a sufficient distance that allowed it scrape the outside wall upon impact.The website is a goldmine of information and answers to dozens of FAQs; highlights are here.Benjamin Allbright from FM 104.7 in Denver joined Andy and Jeff to discuss the free agency signings for Kirk Cousins and Case Keenum, the Browns preference for the top pick in the draft, the likelihood that Saquon Barkley goes top-10 in the NFL draft, the future of Deshone Kizer in Green Bay and the Browns plan to make trades before free agency.Both were attributed to the same mechanical failure, and resulted in two high-speed sprint car crashes.The two crashes that day were eerily similar to each other, but vastly different from the 1970 crashes.

That both cars were kept on the track after each impact was due to the track being surrounded by a concrete wall (without a SAFER barrier).This crash was different from the first that took Rohn’s life.First, Pratt had his shoulder harness buckled when the crash occurred, and the Tampa Times news report speculated that Rohn did not have his shoulder harness buckled when his car crashed.With the drivers’ heads and arms being restrained, neither driver faced an increased risk of having a part of their body strike the wall, or in Shane’s case, of having an arm trapped under the side of the car or having his head strike the ground when the car flipped onto its side.The end result – no serious injuries suffered by either driver.He had no broken bones, and his injury was relatively minor, considering the violent impact. This crash had the potential to be significantly more serious.

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