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The Pagans MC patch depicts the Norse fire-giant Surtr sitting on the sun, wielding a sword, plus the word Pagan's [sic] in red, white and blue.Unlike most one percenter motorcycle clubs, the Pagans do not include on their club insignia a bottom rocker indicating the geographical chapter of the member wearing the club's full patch.The Pagans are categorized as an Outlaw Motorcycle Gang by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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The bonds with other motorcyclists are strengthened by the subscription to non-conventional norms and the rejection of mainstream society. Oftentimes, MC membership brings them legitimate and illegitimate job opportunities and financial prospects.

The Pagans also have had strong ties to organized crime, especially in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Pagans often use puppet clubs, smaller affiliated motorcycle clubs, or small street drug trafficking organizations that support larger Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs (OMGs) for distributing drugs.

The Pagans have a Mother Club or ruling council which ultimately rules the gang.

The Pagans headquarters is currently in Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

Pagans have also engaged in assault, arson, extortion, motorcycle/car theft, and weapons trafficking.

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