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The, when I bitch him out and tell him I’m done, he’ll call two seconds later to apologize and will ask me on a date that we never end up going on!I NEED HELP…no one can diagnose my problem…it’s driving me crazy. I can’t seem to stop writing to him because I feel that he likes me back but won’t admit it because he has too much pride.We connected over the summer and saw each other a few times.He would hug me, sometimes ask for a kiss on the cheek and was nice all the time.I mean, a lot of guys dig a girl with “spunk”, so don’t think I’m saying you did something wrong.Some guys don’t know how to handle or don’t prefer a girl if she’s too aggressive. Then he started to like you and then you fell out of contact for a bit.You probably are successful at getting him to call you back by making him feel guilty, but in the long run that hurts your chances for any sort of good relationship. even if you can coerce the guy into doing what you want him to in the short-term, he will see it for what it is and he will either go “cold” or start to resent you for the manipulation. Then you started to like him and maybe you started to get a little needy and that’s where your “aggressiveness” came from.

it paints a picture of the situation as you want me to see it.

The person who put the bowl of sweets on the table tells you that a few of the sweets have been spiked with enough laxative to make a small horse shit itself to death.

It’s only a small minority of them, though – the others are completely fine, lovely, tasty sweets. Would you risk hollowing out your own intestines for the following 48 hours, just because you’d quite like a sweet? And how would you feel about the other person in front of you shrieking – ‘well why aren’t you eating the sweets? Only a tiny minority of them will turn your anus into a remake of Apocalypse Now!

Do you like the whimsical, poetic idea of meeting people at random, in the street, as if you were in a romantic movie? Offline here doesn’t just mean at work, at some friends’ drinks, or at a house party: our hero tried to chat up women in public places, because clearly women don’t have anything better to do than being chatted up by some artsy rando for the sake of experimentation.

Do you think Tinder, Happn and OKCupid are, quite frankly, a bit of a drag? A man called Samuel Abrahams shares your opinions and views on the world, and decided to send his friend Tom to get a date “offline”.

The problem with this video, though, is that it romanticises a fundamentally flawed idea, which is that men are entitled to women’s time and attention, whenever they demand it.

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