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It's important to note that the lady is not "trying" to buy a stairway to heaven, rather, she does buy it.Why else would the song say, "when she gets there she knows if the stores are all closed, with a word she can get what she came for?

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That being said, some meanings embedded in this song became obvious to me in the mid 1970s.So this is a woman accustomed to getting what she wants, even when she arrives in heaven.Anyone who was part of the London glitterati scene in the late sixties/early seventies knew immediately the lyrics referred to Lady Somerset Belenoff, aka The Witch of Glamis Castle.The first time I heard it, I was thought it pretty cool, but didn't understand it.It sounded as if a lady who had money wanted to buy her way into heaven -- with that said, that's about all I understood of the song that seemed rather dark at the seams, with it's mystical, ambiguous language, all the while speaking about "heaven".They too were repelled by certain Zepplin's lyrics.

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