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The teachings are very practical, accessible and easy to understand. An oasis of calm in busy Causeway Bay, Kadampa Meditation Centre offers meditation classes, workshops and study programmes.

Beginner drop-in classes on Tuesdays are in English and include a breathing meditation, a prayer and a teaching on a Buddhist topic. The sound of the gongs quickly induces a state of meditation and relaxation that facilitates the movement of chi or prana throughout the body.

The goal of the meditation is to directly realise the nature of mind, the state called enlightenment. The drop-in sessions at Diamond Way Buddhist Centre start with an introduction and the meditation is then read aloud by one of the members of the centre.

You simply follow the text and try to keep your focus on the meditation.

The worst case scenario is that it’s a nice nap, the best case scenario is that it’s life changing! Red Doors Studio offers regular gong bath sessions at the studio in Wong Chuk Hang Road. Sassy tip: This may be one of HK’s best kept secrets! Yoga Nidra is for anyone who likes the idea of lying down and being guided into a deep state of relaxation. This simple practice helps you deeply relax and completely switch off.

Many people can feel the effect of the gong for a few days after a session. The founder, Martha Collard also regularly plays at large events and corporates. Keep an open mind and check out the full moon gong baths and all night pujas that last 10 hours (which Martha describes as an adult pyjama party! But it can go much deeper than that – yoga nidra enables you to release things that no longer serve you and to reprogram your subconscious mind.

Here to help is our guide to some of the main meditation techniques and schools around town. This is for anyone who wants to learn the essential skills of meditation and practical ways of incorporating Buddhist teachings into their everyday lives. Based on Modern Buddhism, meditations here focus on a “virtuous object” such as love, compassion or patience.

Here, you meditate on the 16th Karmapa, a realised teacher, and identify with his enlightened qualities.

What’s more, you can practice some form of meditation sitting, walking, lying down or even eating!

If you want to start reaping the rewards of this simple, yet powerful practice, look no further.

A launch ceremony for the construction of the Tseung Kwan O Heritage Hiking Trail and the Heritage Information Centre under the Signature Project Scheme (SPS) of Sai Kung District was held in April 2017.

The project comprises the Tseung Kwan O Heritage Information Centre and Hostel, the Tseung Kwan O Heritage Hiking Trail, and a permanent public toilet at Duckling Hill and is expected to complete in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Expect to feel deeply relaxed, focused and refreshed after a session. Studies show it can effectively help manage anxiety, lower moods and stress. Hong Kong Center for Mindfulness runs an eight-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course which includes weekly meetings, a day retreat and daily home practice.

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