Gsyncit error while updating


Dec 12, 2012 As you probably know, in the MYN/1MTD task systems I recommend using either of two Task Servers: Outlook/Exchange and Toodle Do.

Each has its own advantages; and now you can access all the advantages by using both and keeping them synced using the software g Syncit.

Then in Part 2 I’ll follow with detailed g Syncit setup and use instructions.

Why Task Syncing is needed There are a lot of reasons to want to sync tasks between Toodle Do and Outlook. You see, Toodle Do offers more MYN/1MTD mobile solutions for tasks than Outlook does, so copying tasks to Toodle Do opens up many more mobile options.

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The task change would never make it there since the PC in the middle is turned off! We keep a PC in the office with Outlook running all the time—we never shut it down, even when I am away.

Outlook without Exchange The first case to describe is the simplest one: using Outlook Exchange.

In this case you probably have a POP mail server like Yahoo, or have Hotmail, Gmail, or something similar.

Here’s how that looks in a diagram; notice that g Syncit is represented by the red arrow: The blue mobile devices box in the lower left represents devices with Toodle Do access.

For example a web browser on a tablet (or a Mac or PC) can do MYN/1MTD task management through Toodle Do.

The yellow mobile devices box in the lower right represents devices with an Exchange-based tasks app on them like I listed above.

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