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” Matthew 19:3When married people face dark times in their marriage, they may quietly sort through the ramifications of divorce.

Knowing what the Bible says is critical in that process.

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Jesus’ response was that Moses allowed divorce, not to give permission for divorce, but to solve the problem of marital infidelity.

But one thing is certain: We need to consider what Jesus has to say about divorce and remarriage, particularly in Matthew 19.

Divorces in Jesus’ day make our “quickie” divorces of today look positively glacial.

Something has to be done when sin utterly poisons the covenant relationship of marriage.

Jesus said that sexual immorality (sure evidence of a hard heart) can so poison the covenant of marriage that the innocent party can be released from the marriage commitment.

We are not to be like the Pharisees, who tried to push the limits of the law as far as it would go.

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