Georgina baillie adam ant dating


Before shows, fans would gather in their Ant-best attire and make up tricks then proceed as if going to the palace ball.

To see Adam and the Ants was not just a concert, it was a whole experience. The lighting, sound and set changes all seemed to go smooth, plus the band was almost electrically charged.

” I sat almost stunned and amazed - this was something I completely understood, something I identified with, it was completely amazing.

Fans were welcomed and encouraged to dress up, learn the Prince Charming dance and even make lasting connections with others in the Ant Nation.

There are more UK dates in January 2012 followed by dates in the USA.

Up to date information can be found on the official Adam Ant site.

Over the course of my time spent, I immersed fan culture that touched on every era.

He began developing musically in the late "70’s with a very raw punk look and sound.

Back then Baillie was part of dance troupe the Satanic Sluts, but was else do we know about her?

Georgina Baillie is the granddaughter of comedic actor Andrew Sachs who played loveable Spanish waiter in iconic sitcom Fawlty Towers.

Adam and the Ants were one of the few bands to have the rumbling sound of two drummers, working heavily with tribal beats and cultural sounds from different parts of the world.

The appearance of the Ants, had become something to explore, as they donned bits and pieces of different cultures, extremely romantic, modern day heroes, wearing beautiful military jackets with gold banding, feathers flowing, pirate boots, fancy dress shirts, dandy vests and tribal inspired make up.

Adam and the Ants emerged later and would be the foundation to stand the test of time.

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