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I walk past the scene (about 100ft from our apartment) everyday with Gary and know the girl's car as she had a naval base pass on the window (she worked in the health clinic on the naval base).

I should be shocked I suppose, but it was a crime of passion and as such fits into the statistics of 90% of all murders.

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The Baxters said a neighbor told them she went to the apartment and heard a woman inside scream, "Don't hurt my baby."Police swarmed the area moments later. The sisters who knew Elkie Jean-Philippe said she was in the Navy and worked in the health clinic at Jacksonville Naval Air Station.It sounds horrible and very bloody from the reports, but they have the responsible party, the husband, and hopefully he'll go away for a long time.He came knocking at their Jacksonville apartment Wednesday under the ruse of being a pizza delivery man but was armed instead with a tire iron and hatred in his heart, police said.Amateur models and local sluts often make sex tapes or submit homemade porn videos online to fulfill their exhibitionist desires.Some are as hot or hotter than any professional studio XXX you'll ever see!All the features on have been implemented with great precision so that it gives the desired results to users. If you’re interested in interracial dating, you can join us for free and start connecting with millions of genuine users from all over the world.

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