Evangeline lilly still dating dominic

She said, "My Bible." She spent her hiatus after wrapping the first season of Lost helping a friend doing missionary relief work in Rwanda.So, predictably, this Sunday morning, everything about Lilly remains supercouth, almost churchy.But if you know anything about Lilly's history, none of this will surprise you.Her story could be seen as a Hollywood take on the Greystoke legend.The setup is straightforward: A jumbo jet en route from Sydney, Australia, to Los Angeles flies severely off course and breaks apart midair, dropping 48 surviving passengers on a seemingly deserted island. There are other nonindigenous folks encamped on the island.

She evinces thrifty pride in pointing out the well-worn '70s-era brown leather furniture she picked up at a Salvation Army when she arrived on the island two years ago, which imbues the place with a post-college-pad vibe. Hundreds of nasty-looking fish clamor at the surface.

"If you ask me a question about love, relationships, or anything of that sort, the interview will be over. " she says, smiling, but there's a steeliness behind the declaration.

On her fridge a few feet away hangs a snapshot of her in Paris with Dominic Monaghan, who plays Lost's junkie British rocker, Charlie.

Not before British tabloids also reported that when Lilly bid adieu to Canada, she left behind a fellow named Murray Hone, an amateur hockey player she'd married the year before.

Neither Lilly nor Monaghan talk about their relationship, and her coworkers seem to have gotten the memo: "I don't need to face the wrath of Evie," chuckles Garcia. I felt like it wasn't something you'd want to jump into without [looking at] all the angles." She got an early crash course in tuning out chatter.

Until she was cast in Lost, her most notable speaking role had been in a commercial for a cheesy Canadian chat line; she had no idea that the word pilot meant anything other than a guy who flies a plane.

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