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“As our roadmapping process gathers perspectives and specific practical experiences of system manufacturers, industrial users, automation and software specialists as well as leading research institutes, it will give pointers on future technological development trends that are valuable for all involved,” explains Rainer Gebhardt.

The players’ current practice forms the basis for all suggestions found in the roadmap.

This discussion was exceedingly open and constructive,” reports Gebhardt.An interdisciplinary gaze on the whole AM process chain The VDMA Roadmap addresses all data processes and physical processes along the AM process chain.This begins with data preparation, conversion, and the control of data sets, and then it moves on to the multifaceted work steps of digital production planning.“Our roadmap describes the specific technological ways and development steps that we need to take towards automation.Thus, it creates the foundation for a fully automated, digitally interlinked additive manufacturing in Industry 4.0,” explains Gebhardt.For each single step, the roadmap describes the state of today’s processes, using it to sketch out the way to semi-automation, full automation, and finally integration into the fully interlinked Smart Factories of Industrie 4.0.

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