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Moreover, there are quite a few ready-made themes out there that can make your website’s frontend responsive.

With more and more people using handheld devices that vary considerably in size, it is important to pay attention to their needs.However, if you are looking to build large sites, it is probably the most flexible open-source CMS.With Drupal you can create pretty much any kind of site you want, here are eight examples of what you can do.Retina Images solves this problem for Drupal by adding an option to the image effects that come with Drupal core to make them output high resolution images that look good on these Retina displays. Fit Vids is a cool module that handles videos for your fluid layout so you don't have to worry about that.You know, when you embed You Tube or Vimeo videos they come with a specific size. Tinynav implements the j Query library to transform your menu into a select dropdown on small devices. You resize the browser and the main menu turns into an HTML select list with options that link to the menu pages. Mobile Theme is an interesting module that allows you to select a different theme to be served on mobile devices.All you have to use is the built-in blog module, of course you can make it fancier by using other, but that’s another story.

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