Dirty sex roleplay chatroom


Sunday, May 13th, girls may or may not be in the chat room for calls.We hope you have a great day with your Mom’s and if you need to speak to one of the girls, simply pick up the phone and dial. Sydney and the Girls What’s even better is the amazing night I have planned tonight.If you are wondering what the silver part will be, that would be your customized chastity device.Oh what, did you really think I’d have your tallywacker swing wild and free for such a royal event?I am going to a very special party tonight and you lucky boy are going to be my plus 1.Before you get too excited so and get the wrong idea here.

You servants all will be dressed in very similar outfits with only the colors differing to match the dresses of the Ladies you belong to.Since I am craving you, my hot lover, I send you a text to ask what you are doing for lunch.I suggest that I swing by work, and we go to that little Italian place around the corner from your office. I bet your wrists are stronger and more exercised then the rest of your body.We Ladies have agreed to have you in a Tuxedo styled naughty outfit for our pleasure.With the Tuxedo pants adapted to have your asses and code pieces open and showing.You have an hour for lunch, and we are not going to waste a minute. For you, my lover, I always want you coming back for more. Erotic Victoria 8 ext 305 Tumblr and Twitter Naughty Blog Whats a Matter Did I Stutter? You are going on a jerk off marathon under my instructions this month. Did you miss the whole, when and how part of the above? Did jerking off make you semi-blind as the old wives tale goes? You are going to jerk off under my instructions for the rest of May, but you are not allowed to cum until and if I decide to allow it.

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