Dating servcies cheats


You can also embed your tests directly into your own website.Use Themes to apply organization branding to your test pages.From creating a controlled 'user login' environment, to adding tests directly to your website, Class Marker has all your bases covered.And because Class Marker is online, there's no software installations for you or your users, so tests can be taken instantly, 24/7.Professional plans offer 400 or 1,000 credits per month.Professional plans are perfect for regular testing.We know you'll love Class Marker because of all those hours you'll save creating and grading tests.

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Note: This is valid for all tests assigned via Link (for non-registered users).

To learn more about Class Marker you can watch our videos: How to assign a test.

Yes, you can add your own logos and colors to your tests and remove Class Marker branding.

When a Test taker buys an attempt at your exam, they will first pay online via Paypal and can then access their exam.

You are paid instantly via Pay Pal with each purchase.

Class Marker does not store or process any credit card information.

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