Dating recent referrers


However, if I die and my conscience feels that I was a "morally wrong" person, my DMT-induced trip will be of a hell-of-sorts. Hey Scrallex, take a look at Man or Rabbit by CS Lewis: video https://

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Thus , I believe my final moments of consciousness will be in my own DMT-induced heaven.I'm curious about how many INTJ's on here might be religious.I understand that is something uncommon for INTJ people, but for myself, the evidence I've seen in science and ethics points to no other option but a creating entity.1) One your first point, I believe religion is more concerned with how the universe came into being rather than its structure which would be better answered by physics. The authority would the universe if it can be shown to have created itself.3) If we cant take into account the view of humans who else are we to confer with?This is a notion that runs to the core of who we are as human beings.

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