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He finds these colors so fascinating that he will be more intrigued and it will also draw out his creative nature.

Remember to attract an Aquarius guy; you should give more importance to your body language than how you dress.

Initially, dating can be an anxious experience, you will have many doubts, which might be, "Will he be attracted to me? " Well, with thanks to the personality traits we all adopt according to our Zodiac, there are some ways to nail the dating game.

The male Cancer is a homebody, says United 21 Resort.

Nothing beats dressing with confidence and feeling comfortable.

But if you're looking for that extra boost then these are the outfits you should be reaching for to please his inner Zodiac.

This guy will take care of you with every moment he has, if possible.

In fact, he knows exactly what to do to keep the lady he loves by his side forever.

Women actually always feel moved if having a man who provides them fierce protection and takes good care of them as well.

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