Dating campagnolo brakes


Cruising around e Bay one day, I found a bike that resonated with my need for a new restoration project.The bike was an Allegro, a Swiss creation, advertised as dating from 1954 (but, as I discovered, is probably from 1959.) I have several 1970s- to 80s-era Italian bikes and a nice, restored mid-60s Carlton Catalina (click here for a description), so I don't really need another of those.The tube appeared to be close to 27 mm in diameter, so I reamed it out to 27.2, the standard value for most English-sized bikes.

As usual, I started by photographing the bike extensively with a digital camera.

The bottom bracket has an oil hole, not uncommon for frames from the 50s and 60s; it was painted over.

My skepticism about the age of the bike was confirmed by Craig Griffith, an Allegro expert, who determined that it is probably a Special, built in 1959.

Fortunately, I don't have to shop for any of the critical parts; the ones that use French dimensions are original and still usable.

The Peugeot crank has English pedal threading; it is clearly marked 9/16-20.

This had two purposes: first, to document the bike, and second, to help me get everything back together right.

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