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Luxor Temple was dedicated to a form of Amun-Ra and the principle of divine kingship.

The temple was the focus of the Ancient Egyptians' most important holiday, the Opet Festival, which celebrated the king's rejuvenation via his union with Amun-Ra.

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With live images beamed from a For the first time at an AESWA lecture, genuine ancient artefacts will be on show.Mummification was fundamental to the ancient Egyptians belief in eternal life.A well-preserved body resembling the once-living person was crucial for the deceased to pass into the afterlife.The Ancient Egyptians invented obeliskshuge monolithic spires of stoneto fulfil religious as well as political aims.Recent research in experimental archaeology has helped us to understand how obelisks were cut, transported and erected, leaving us in awe of the Egyptians technical prowess.In this talk, well examine the realities of ancient Egyptian life.

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