Dating bartholomew maps


The faded paper document showed a section of the Swiss border traced from one of the first Edinburgh-made maps to be shared with MI9.Ms Bond said soldiers spent much time and energy copying maps from the originals that MI9 were able to smuggle into camp, given that multiple copies were required for multiple escape plans.“It demonstrates the extent to which the maps could, and did, provide a veritable passport to freedom for some prisoners of war,” she said.

These include large wall maps, atlas proofs (without letterpress), and maps prepared for other publishers.

John Ian Bartholomew never discussed his work with MI9 with his staff also unaware of his activities.

Ms Bond added: “Some years back, his son John Christoper told me that he had no idea of his father’s involvement with MI9.

Hutton using the works of Beethhoven and Wagner to dispatch the documents given the work of any Jewish composer would be immediately confiscated by German guards or censors, Bond said.

Playing cards were also devised with the maps sandwiched between the back and the pip side with the cards coming apart when dropped in water.

More than 300,000 copies of these were made to assist the escape and evasion of the enemy.

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