Dating a heroin junky


There is also a hint of powdery sharpness from the iris - but again, that is checked by the creamy woodiness of sandalwood.I don't personally pick up the ambergris, but I'd guess it's there simply as an anchor to prevent the instant annihilation of this masterpiece into thin air.

For those that compare this to Tres Nuit, which I myself do, I would say that the difference is that it's a bit more GREEN than Tre Nuit's opening.To me, this whole house feels like a glorified designer with luxury price tags. I can’t find it retailing new anywhere on the internet. This bottle almost certainly predates GIT and Cool Water. Given the price of Creed, I shall treasure this handsome blue-green bottle.In the end, just try those fragrances for yourselves and make a judgement. I’ve had to decant some of it into a travel atomiser because it’s an old fashioned splash-on bottle which dispenses far too clumsily for a modern man! I tested GIT back in '16 when I bought two 120 ml bottles of Aventus from Neiman Marcus.GIT is a venerable but timeless scent that exudes understated class; worldly confidence tempered with modesty, wrapped in a casual aura of implicit authenticity.There is nothing about the scent of GIT that confers a sense of pretentiousness or self-aggrandizement - it's the comfort food of masculine niche perfumery.That's not to say that it's old-fashioned, far from it! I would get another bottle but it's hard to find nowadays. Green Irish Tweed is simple, clean and balanced, finding a rarefied elegance in all aspects.

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