Da brat allen iverson dating


In September 2015, she was seen partying with her new girlfriend in Tao, a nightclub in Las Vegas.The celebrities like Black Chyna, Wilmer Valderrama, Amber Rose, Nick Cannon, and James Harden were also present in the club.

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Allen spent many days at Jermaine Dupri studios where he and Da Brat had most of their rendezvous’.So when I feel like getting glam-med up, and throwing on the Christian Louboutins, and the weave, or whatever I’m going to do to my hair, and push up my titties in a push-up bra, throw on my La Perla, then that’s what it is and I’m comfortable either way.But when I’m performing or just, on the day to day, or in the streets, I’ll probably have my braids with my hat cocked to the back.” Though Da Brat hasn’t uttered a single word regarding her sexuality, many people have hypothesized her as a gay due to her actions and her attire.After years of battling their contentious divorce case in a Fulton County courthouse, Allen Iverson and his soon to be ex-wife Tawanna Iverson have finally decided to settle.On the day that a jury was to be selected to hear the matter of Tawanna Iverson verses Allen Iverson, both parties through their attorneys told Fulton County judge Bensonetta Tipton Lane that they have decided how Mr.She is best known for her debut album Funkdafied (1994).

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