College senior dating high school senior


Maybe, just maybe, the people you're surrounding yourself with feels right, and your old friends don't feel quite so right anymore.

Or, if you're on the opposite end of things, maybe your friend is changing into someone you can't really relate to anymore, and the slow fade seems natural.

The girl I considered my best friend was going through a rough time, and she retreated to the comfort of other friends in our circle instead of me.

Parties became awkward, sitting all together at lunch was rare, and the FOMO was strong, especially when you knew that half of the group was hanging out at somebody’s house and didn’t invite you.

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When referring them in a story, you'll say, "this guy/girl/person I was friends with" instead of "this guy/girl/person I'm friends with." You might strike up some small talk with them every now and then and they might like your Instagram posts, but you aren't going to ever really enthusiastically hang out together one-on-one ever again.

While some friends might disappear from your group entirely, others will split into something akin to camps, and while you all might band together every now and then, the camps will be the new normal. If you feel like you're making a big effort to hold on to a friend of yours, you're trying to work against a strong tide.

If you're somebody who is caught in the middle, congrats, you're going to have an awkward time ahead of you. I never expected that my bestie from ninth grade would end up being someone I felt awkward hanging out with one-on-one by senior year, but it happens. I know that this post sounds super doom and gloom, but it's not always the end of the world to start hanging out with new people.

Friendship is one of the most important things you’ll get out of your high school experience, but it can also be ugly, gut wrenching, and effing heartbreaking.

I don’t want to scare anybody reading this, but I think that whether you’re starting to see your friendships splinter or if you think everything is totally fine, you should check out these nine cold hard truths about high school friendships. You probably think you're going to beat the odds on this one, or maybe this is already your reality and you're in some serious denial.

Maybe your new group of friends share more of your beliefs.

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