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All this started to change as manufacturers discovered the tremendous labour savings made possible by building boats out of fiberglass.

For example, George Hinterhoeller built his first couple of Sharks out of plywood, but he didn't do this for long when he realized a fiberglass hull could be built with 18 hours of labour versus the 128 hours for the wooden hull.

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Location: Niagara Falls, Canada Duration: 2 to 6 hrs Relax and spend time with friends and family on this afternoon tasting tour through Niagara's famous wine country. Location: Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada Duration: 4 hours Our Spring/Summer Wine Tour connects you to the beauty of Niagara’s world famous wine region and offers a fun and educational winery tour experience. Location: Niagara Falls, Canada Duration: 5 hours Journey into the heart of Niagara’s Wine Country under the brow of the Niagara Escarpment.

It wasn't just a case of fiberglass manufacturers making boat ownership more affordable - it was also that sailing caught on as a popular trend in central Canada and many other areas of North Amercia.Those organizations and persons should also refer to the applicable policies of CREA's Technology Committee.This website/database is a copyright-protected work which is owned by CREA.Even more important was that the concept of yacht (sailboat) ownership was fast becoming a feasible objective for the average middle income wage earner.This set the stage for major growth of the recreational sailboat industry in central Canada and North Amercia in general.Part of the contents of this website/database, including all real estate listings and related information, images and photographs (collectively, "Listing Content"), are also protected by copyright, which is owned by the CREA members who supplied the content and/or by third parties, and is reproduced in this website/database under license.

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