Bridgewater dating


This time it was around the canal heritage features of Castlefield to commemorate the two hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the opening of the first part of the Bridgewater Canal from Worsley to Castlefield in Manchester.

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If you go into The Wharf you will notice that there are many old photographs on the wall.a horse-powered hoist for delivery to the adjacent Knowles and Sons Coal Yard.The River Medlock was gradually made un-navigable by about 1800 due to adjacent factories and mills disposing of cinders and other rubbish into it Close to the southern end of Castle Quay is a short arm off the canal leading to Grocer's Warehouse.New bridges such as the futuristic Merchant's Footbridge and Grocer's Footbridge also add to the area.This substantially built warehouse was one of the earliest remaining warehouses in the area which was built in the 1820s and once featured two under-cover loading and unloading docks.This terminus area was called Castlefield due to being close to the remains of the previously mentioned Roman settlement.

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