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In other words, over time men who don’t hate women are likely to be replaced by men who are fed up with if not outright hate women.We can see a difference in just a little over two years between the comment above and The Spearhead comments written back in 2012.

That's when the gunman turned to Schoen, fired another shot and left, according to the owner.The gunman is described as a black man around 6 feet tall with a slim build.He was last seen wearing a black hooded sweatshirt with white strings.I generally don’t have much respect for women myself….but,not like these guys!I mean they prey on them to use them without mercy. It is only going to get worse and women have no one to blame except themselves.- By Nicholas Stix (White) Mother of 4 shot, killed at Wyoming gas station by EVIL negro GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.

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